SBOF and Farmers


The Indian farmer feeds the Nation, At SBOF we are pledged to help enhance the life of the Indian farmer and help facilitate his livelihood. SBOF has initiated several activities for farmers- conducting training programs and demonstration for the Indian farmer, educating our farmers is the first step in upgrading the quality of the rural life they live.

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SBOF has played a essential role in the betterment of farmers and the agriculture sector across India. SBOF works closely with farmers across states, educating them in the use of fertilizers and ensuring that agriculture as a whole prospers in the market that SBOF covers.

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SBOF feels that an educated and well informed farmer is a necessity for an agriculture revolution to happen in India. It is for the welfare of the farmers and their education that SBOF organizes crop seminar and farmer training programs throughout its market.

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Demonstrating how to use a fertilizer appropriately is vital, in ensuring farmers use fertilizers efficiently. SBOF started a demonstration program for farmers in order to promote the use of fertilizers for farming.

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The company teaches farmers how to use soil test reports to judge the correct type of fertilizer and the correct quantity to be used at the correct time. Soil testing helps farmers know when to use fertilisers and reap the most of it.